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Free Clan Websites ideal for

Free Clan Websites ideal for
MLG Live Free XBOX Clan Websites

All Clan Websites Include

  • Get a new website in 30 seconds. Your users will love it.

  • All the XBOX Live info for the gamertag is placed into the MLG Live profile once and able to be seen in the MLG Live profile page and Clan Roster.
  • Once a member of your clan signs up and they put in thier YouTube username (e.g. all of their YouTube Videos will be directly linked to their Clan profile. When someone clicks to see thier profile they will see all of the YouTube videos they have. The person from there can then watch the videos if they want. Also the videos will be placed as part of the Clan Videos and be part of the randomly selected on the Clan's home page.
  • All Clan members videos who have sucessfully linked their YouTube username are rotated on the Clan's home page. One video is selected at random to be featured and 4 others are placed at random below with thumbnails and the video title.
  • Each Clan member profile can integrate the XBOX Live gamertag info, YouTube account videos, facebook account link, and a twitter account link that will give your Clan a full gamer and social media connection.